Bethel University Magazine Fall 2020

The Bethel Magazine is published two times each year for alumni and friends of the university.Please send correspondence and address changes to the editor. BETHEL MAGAZINE 1001 Bethel Circle Mishawaka, IN 46545 Email: Phone: 574.807.7384 Website: Founded in 1947 by the Missionary Church, Bethel University is an accredited Christian university offering associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in more than 50 areas of study.At Bethel you will find a community of nearly 1,350 learners. Our mission is to challenge the mind, enlarge the vision and equip students for lifeong service.To learn more,visit . PRESIDENT Gregg A. Chenoweth, Ph.D. VICE PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC SERVICES Barbara Bellefeuille, Ed.D. VICE PRESIDENT OF ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT Terry Elam, Ph.D. VICE PRESIDENT FOR ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE AND CFO Jerry White, CPA VICE PRESIDENT FOR INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT Matt Lentsch, MPA, CFRE VICE PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Shawn Holtgren ’95, Ph.D. EDITOR Lissa (Grashorn) Diaz ’07 ASSISTANT COPY EDITORS Erin Kinzel Susan Miller CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Rick Becker ’04 Andrew Bowen ’09 Lissa (Grashorn) Diaz ’07 Annie Goeller Erin Kinzel Emily Oliver ’20 Susan Miller Sumer Schindler ’22 ART DIRECTOR Chantel Miller PHOTOGRAPHERS Tommy Grant ’18 Chantel Miller Peter Ringenberg ’03 Emily (Rodgers) Sherwood ’99 COVER PHOTO Peter Ringenberg ’03 A PUBL I CAT I ON OF BETHEL UN I VERS I TY, I ND. VOLUME 31 , I SSUE 1 A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 2 %(7+(/81,9(56,7< ('8̌0$*$=,1( Greetings Friends of Bethel, The American appetite for medical television is insatiable. Bizarre injuries meet daring docs with experimental techniques who win the day. ER. House. Grey’s Anatomy. New Amsterdam. Ratings soar despite bewildering medical jargon. But if you learn the language, you understand it more. It’s the same in this COVID-19 pandemic. As we learn its vocabulary, we too build resilience. By now, we all know the meaning of COVID, mitigation, co-morbidities and quarantine. Know the language, build capacity.Words matter during crisis. As medical pros govern the virus, we all have a role in managing fear. I acknowledge its lethal potential. ,Q IDFW VRPH PHPEHUV RI RXU YDVW %HWKHO QHWZRUN VXƂHU WKDW ƃUVW KDQG %XW , VHH WRR PDQ\ SHRSOH paralyzed by fear. To support our rebound, words matter. This is how we talk around Bethel: • COVID stole your 2020, but don’t let it take your 2021. Proceed with your life. • COVID separates us physically, so engage socially. Proximate friendship and worship helps. • Give others non-judgmental S.P.A.C.E. : • If someone gets sick, we have not failed our community.We design our community to suppress the spread, not escape it. It’s already here. • Regulate your emotions over positive, probable outcomes. Don’t be tortured by every imaginable negative possibility. • Remain accountable WR SXEOLF KHDOWK JXLGDQFH 'RQŠW ƄRXW WKHLU SURWRFROV • Basic mitigations never restrict your choice to live more conservatively, if need be. • Keep empathy IRU DQ\RQH WHUURUL]HG E\ WKH WKUHDW RI &29,' RU ZKR VXƂHUV DFWXDO ORVV $W %HWKHO ZH GHƃQLWHO\ SURFHHG ,Q WKH PLGVW RI WKH ZRUVW PHGLFDO DQG HFRQRPLF FULVLV LQ D FHQWXU\ we built the Van and Jean Gates Welcome Center, are building the Lehman Family Training Center, launched four Bethel extension sites with 11 more to come in 2021, created 55 online-format VXPPHU FRXUVHV ZKHQ RQO\ ƃYH H[LVWHG ODVW \HDU HTXLSSHG DOO FODVVURRPV IRU OLYHVWUHDP WHFKQRORJ\ IRU quarantined students, were awarded a $1M grant to deepen student services in mental health, career preparedness, diversity and inclusion, and debt-free degrees, and more. You shouldn’t be surprised. Pilots navigate storms.We’re made for this.When Jesus spoke calm to terrifying seas in Mark 4:35-39, He is the star of the story, not whitecaps. In this magazine, you’ll read how others take His cue and are doing the same. Gregg A. Chenoweth, Ph.D. President