Fall 2022 Bethel Magazine

The Bethel Magazine is published two times each year for alumni and friends of the university. Please send correspondence and address changes to the editor. BETHEL MAGAZINE 1001 Bethel Circle Mishawaka, IN 46545 Email: Lissa.Diaz@BethelUniversity.edu Phone: 574.807.7384 Website : BethelUniversity.edu/Magazine Founded in 1947 by the Missionary Church, Bethel University is an accredited Christian university offering associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in more than 50 areas of study. At Bethel you will find a community of nearly 1,300 learners. Our mission is to challenge the mind, enlarge the vision and equip students for lifeong service. To learn more, visit BethelUniversity.edu . PRESIDENT Barbara K. Bellefeuille, Ed.D. VICE PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC SERVICES Bradley Smith, Ph.D. VICE PRESIDENT FOR ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT Amanda Slaughter VICE PRESIDENT FOR ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE AND CFO Jerry White, CPA VICE PRESIDENT FOR INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT Brent LaVigne, Ph.D. VICE PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT DEVELOPMENT Shawn Holtgren ’95, Ph.D. EDITOR Lissa (Grashorn) Diaz '07 ASSITANT COPY EDITORS Erin J. Hollister '07 Karis Kindinger CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Lissa (Grashorn) Diaz '07 Erin J. Hollister '07 Sadie Keating Karis Kindinger Luke Schrock GRAPHIC DESIGNER Brianna Haessig PHOTOGRAPHERS Peter Ringenberg '03 Emily (Rogers) Sherwood '99 Kish Photos (p. 22) COVER PHOTO Peter Ringenberg '03 A PUBL ICAT ION OF BETHEL UNIVERS I T Y, IND. VOLUME 3 3 , I S SUE 1 A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 2 BETHELUNIVERSITY.EDU/MAGAZINE Greetings Friends of Bethel, Imagine a couple celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary! I always marvel during those rare announcements at how faithful the couple must have been to each other. Surely there were ups and downs: moments to deeply celebrate and then times to grieve, be annoyed, and even express anger. And possibly a moment or two spent questioning, “Are we going to make it?” But then they find themselves celebrating 75 years of faithfulness. Bethel has been “mission faithful” for 75 years! There have, of course, also been ups and downs. I can imagine the celebrations when this beautiful property was purchased, when the first building was completed or when Marcus Krake, Bethel’s first graduate, received his degree (1948). Some years later, Bethel would celebrate the attendance of the first African American (1951), blossoming into more than 30% students of color today. The science building and more dorm space were celebrated in the 60s. In 1971, Bethel celebrated receiving accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, and Bethel’s first of now 45 team National Championships came in 1986 (Baseball). Bethel has also celebrated the first graduate program, the completion of building the Everest-Rohrer Chapel/Fine Arts Center, the revival of 1991, and the first million-dollar donation. The first years of this century were celebrated by unprecedented growth, and then a name change in 2019. I could also reflect on disappointments. Periodic enrollment drops and resulting financial pressures, as well as times of less passion for Christ, can be recalled. Nevertheless, just as the married couple, we remained, and continue to remain, faithful to the original mission of Bethel.We exist to educate men and women while simultaneously directing them, in all things, to Christ. Only then can a student be impacted for Christ and in turn impact others. So, during Bethel’s 75th year, I celebrate the faithfulness of friends and donors. No enterprise can exist without supporters. Many of you have stood in the role of speaking convincingly about Bethel, directing people to Bethel, and giving to Bethel. Historically, nearly 40% of Bethel donors are faithful repeating donors. We now pivot from looking back to looking forward.We are strengthening Bethel for 75+ more years of focused faithfulness, keeping Christ at the helm of Bethel University.We will do that by reinforcing our relationship with the Missionary Church, attracting students hungry to follow Christ, creating opportunities to strengthen mental, spiritual, and physical health, and providing more financial help for all students. Join me in launching Bethel into the next decades of preparing men and women to impact their communities for Christ. Barbara K. Bellefeuille, Ed.D. President