Glenice (Stephey ’62) Becknell is a mother, grandmother, pastor’s wife and an attorney. In addition to normal work load, she’s volunteered more than 400 pro bono hours working in cases surrounding religious freedom, family values and Christian issues. She will soon receive Bethel’s Lifetime Achievement Award during Alumni Weekend on Nov. 20.

Becknell’s career started as a teacher after she graduated magna cum laude from Bethel in 1962 with a degree in elementary education. She became interested in practicing law when she was unable to obtain a full-time teaching position after a prolonged leave of absence to raise her three children.

“I prayed about these matters and recalled the vision of a young man from our church’s youth group in Marquette. He had testified that he believed God could use Christian influence in the legal community for the good of the Kingdom and of our country,” says Becknell.

After her husband, Fred, received a call to serve a church congregation in Detroit, Becknell was able to attend law school. During school she received the Moot Court Award and was also a part of a student organization called the Law Review. In 1988 Becknell received a degree in law from Detroit College of Law, now Michigan State University. She says she worked in solo practice most of her legal career, because actual employment opportunities were varied at the time, and her family moved to serve different church congregations.

As a pastor’s wife, she has taught Sunday school classes from preschool through adult ages; spoken for ladies’ retreats; chaired Christmas program committees and DVBS committees; and assisted on music committees, including playing the organ.

Becknell currently resides in Midland, Mich., with her husband, Fred. They have three children, 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Come back to campus for the award recognition chapel and luncheon during Alumni Weekend Nov. 19 & 20.