Bethel College’s Mark Lantz will be stepping down from his position as athletic director on Nov. 12 to take part in a private business leadership role.

“Over the past six years many have asked if I would ever go back into the business world. My response has always been the same,” says Lantz. “It would have to be just the right opportunity before I would ever consider it. This will provide a chance for me work with a company that is strong and vibrant and needing leadership as it experiences some transition. I truly believe that God wants me to move in this direction as I have the chance to fulfill some passions relating to ‘business as missions.’”

College administrators are pleased to announce that Jody Martinez will assume the role of athletic director upon Lantz’s departure. Martinez will shift from his role as associate athletic director, while maintaining his current position as head women’s basketball coach. Due to his dual role as athletic director/head coach, the following restructuring will take place within the athletic department:

  • Head Softball Coach Anna Welsh will move from a part-time capacity to full-time assistant athletic director/head softball coach.
  • Current Assistant Athletic Directors Tony Natali and Chris Hess will both assume additional roles to their present responsibilities.
  • Some current coaches will be assuming additional duties.

The incoming four-person Athletic Department Leadership Team (ADLT) will be working collaboratively to strengthen the college’s athletic department both within the college as well as in the community; provide support and accountability for Bethel’s coaches; and advance the college’s commitment to its mission.

During the six years Lantz has served as athletic director, Bethel’s athletic teams have won 10 national championships; the college has been listed as a top 30 NAIA program nationally four times; Bethel has witnessed a significant overall increased G.P.A. average amongst student-athletes; and the college has implemented a systematic job performance for coaches while exercising strong financial management with an emphasis on budget control. Additionally, Lantz has effectively served personally as a spiritual mentor for several Bethel athletes as well as developing a leadership development and mentoring program (SALT or Student Athlete Leadership Training) for student-athletes.