One beautiful afternoon at the beginning of this semester, my boss (well, really, my boss’s boss) emailed to say that there was a group of guys playing foursquare on campus. He wondered if it might make an interesting photo or video.

I thought, “Really? A group of college guys? Playing FOURSQUARE?” This, I had to see.

I grabbed the video camera and made my way towards the heart of campus. As I approached I heard cheering and commotion, and then I saw them for myself. A group of about ten guys, all very engaged in their foursquare competition. One of them seemed particularly expressive, so I asked if I could interview him on video. You can watch the interview (along with footage of the players) below.

There is potential snow in the forecast this week so I doubt we’ll see more scenes like this until next spring. Unless, of course, they decide to create indoor intramural foursquare.