The goal of the annual Scripture 66 event is to read through the Bible, Genesis through Revelation, from Friday afternoon to Monday morning in the nicely heated and lit gazebo at the center of campus. I first went to Scripture 66, which is put on by Spiritual Life, my freshman year with my roommate. We were both a bit intimidated to read out loud so we just decided to listen.

This was especially difficult for my roommate at the time, Allison Martinkus (’11), because she really did not like to read out loud in front of people. But over the past few years she’s somewhat overcame that fear and even volunteered to set up the event this year. This meant that she would be reading out loud, a lot!

“This was something I knew I wanted to participate in before I graduated and I was reassured by friends that God would be there because I was reading from the Scripture,” said Martinkus.

My friend has learned that it’s okay if you mess up really long names like Zaphnath-Paaneah, and that everybody has problems with pronouncing them. Nobody will judge you if you mess them up.

I can agree with Martinkus that Scripture 66 is something everyone should participate in. Martinkus stressed the importance of having the freedom to read the Bible, and the fact that it unifies the campus. It also can help to translate a passage you may have never understood.

“As you listen, you learn things you wouldn’t have learned on your own because you’re listening to it come from another person,” said Martinkus.

And with a wide smile on her face Martinkus remarked that the experience was “sweetly overwhelming!”

Do you have a testimony that came about from the Scripture 66 event? Please share!