On a Wednesday chapel a few weeks back, something truly special happened at Bethel. The Children of the World Choir, a ministry of World Help, came to share their voices with us. This year’s choir was comprised of disadvantaged and orphaned children from Nepal, Uganda and the Philippines. They absolutely radiated joy as they sang about Jesus and shared their stories. Sitting in the audience, I couldn’t help but be touched.

These kids have nothing in this world, and yet they have Jesus — so they have true joy. How many of us, sitting in our cozy homes with pretty packages wrapped underneath our trees can say that? Sometimes I wonder if wealth steals our joy. These kids seem to have it figured out. They came to be the face and voice of disadvantaged children around the world — and share the light of Christ.

The concert focused on something so essential to life that many of us take for granted: clean water. Every day, thousands of people die from water-related illness, and the majority of them are children. With the help of props like water pumps and jugs, the Children of the World Choir promoted Cause Life, a ministry dedicated to raising awareness and providing safe, clean water around the world.

Imagine if all you wanted for Christmas was clean water so your family would not get sick? Cause Life’s deep bore wells can support a village of 1,000 for 20 years. That’s a lot of clean water and a lot of lives saved!

At the end of the concert, the children bounded up and down the aisles, greeting us with hugs and smiles. That was enough to make me want to join the cause. I may not be able to fund a well all by myself, but my small gift can be combined with others to make a difference. Find out how you can help by visiting www.causelife.org.

If you’d like to witness the joy of the Children of the World Choir, visit http://www.worldhelp.net/cotw.aspx to watch their video or listen to their song.