In case you haven’t heard, we’ve experienced a move of God on our campus in the last week! It started with a marathon chapel service on Wednesday, February 16, and the effect is still being seen as students, faculty and staff respond to the Holy Spirit.

We’ve shared a lot about this on Facebook and Twitter, but yesterday (February 21) I sat down with Dennis Engbrecht, Ph.D., senior vice president, and asked him to share his thoughts on video. For those of you who have heard bits and pieces of information but still aren’t sure what has happened, this will give you a summary of events that will provide some context to the other stories you are hearing online and in person.

At the end of this post are several links that will give you more information about these events. We will continue to update this post with new links as we see more testimonials and reactions being published online, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back for more information.

Here is Dr. Engbrecht’s video message:

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