Did you know that nearly 130 Bethel alumni are currently living in 36 countries outside of the United States? Some are teachers, missionaries and pastors, while others are working in their chosen field overseas. They are living out Bethel’s mission, “dedicated to building lives of commitment for leadership in the church and the world.” We recently caught up with a few overseas alumni to find out just how they are impacting their local communities.

Egypt (Africa)

Norris Ham (’05) teaches social studies at the American International School of Egypt in Cairo. After living and working in Atlanta, Ga., since college, he and his wife, Angela (Courliss ’05) Ham, saw the move as opportunity for growth. Before riots began in Cairo in late January, the Hams led worship at their church every week and hosted a bible study for college students on Wednesday nights. Read their full story here.

Mexico (Central America)

Javier Lopez (’00) works as the human resources director at Empacadora Mexicana de Puebla, a meat processing factory in his hometown of Puebla, Mexico. The company was actually started by his grandfather in the 1920s. They make products for the fast food chains in Mexico. The former Bethel soccer player sees his position as one of ministry. He says he has 40 production workers who don’t even know how to read and write, and many with family problems. Lopez tries to share his life experiences and what God has given him.

Hungary (Europe)

Suzanne Cole (’06) lives in Érd, Hungary, and works in Budapest as a missionary and teacher, but her real passion is softball. The social studies education major partners with an organization called Operation Mobilization (OM), whose founder actually spoke during World Christian Action Conference at Bethel her senior year. In Érd, Cole helps manage eight baseball teams and one softball team. Cole teaches U.S. History at the International Christian School of Budapest.

Haiti (North America)

Britney Smith (’04) is working as an English teacher at Gramothe High School outside of Petionville, Haiti, through an organization called Mountaintop Ministries. The English education major is enthusiastic about investing in the lives of young Haitians. In addition to her full-time job, she also volunteers, teaching English to orphans and helping students learn how to use computers.