Since Tire Rack salesman are all known by their first names — for e-mail and quick reference purposes — Diaz goes by Spencer at work. He is pictured with wheels and tires in Tire Rack’s studio. (Photo by Micah Hay, The Tire Rack)

When Jeremy Diaz (’06) came to Bethel in 2002, he wasn’t your typical college student. For one thing, he already had a successful career as the youngest corporate trainer for Best Buy under his belt. So, why would he leave it all to go to college?

“I sensed that God wanted more from me,” he says. “No one in my immediate family had graduated from college before, so they didn’t necessarily see the need — especially since I had been successful in my job,” Diaz says. “But they were supportive of my decision.”

While at Bethel, Diaz embraced everything college life had to offer. He moved on campus after his first semester, was nominated and served as spiritual life director for three years, completed an internship and even traveled to Israel for May Term his senior year. On the academic side of things, the self-described formerly “bad student” developed good study habits.

“I was able to hyper-focus and make good grades. For the first time in my life, I was studying something that really mattered to me.”

And after graduation, those study habits would prove helpful in obtaining a job. Diaz applied at The Tire Rack, Inc., America’s largest independent tire tester and consumer-direct source for tires, wheels and performance accessories. He underwent a rigorous interviewing and testing process before he was hired in July of 2006.

“Despite my prior experience in sales, my résumé would likely have been looked over if I didn’t have a degree,” he says. “Also, if I hadn’t gone to Bethel, I never would have met my wife.”

Diaz has experienced success in a highly competitive sales environment. He’s also endured some trials, including having to overcome major health issues. As a retail sales specialist, he is a highly-trained professional who fields incoming sales calls and e-mails at the corporate headquarters in South Bend, Ind. “Commission sales is tough, but Tire Rack is a great place to work. I love helping customers really find what they’re looking for,” he says.

Knowing that God has gifted him with his abilities is what keeps him humble. “I have been so blessed. With everything I’ve been through, I’ve seen God’s hand working in my life.”