Boetsma with bosses, Dean Goodwin and Bob Kill, celebrating her 10-year anniversary at Hacienda and LaSenorita Mexican Restaurants.

Tammy Boetsma (’93) is not your average businesswoman. While she takes her job as the CFO of Hacienda and LaSenorita Mexican Restaurants very seriously, she doesn’t mind taking a walk, or ride, on the wild side once in a while.

Boetsma graduated from Bethel’s Adult Education Program with a degree in business finance in 1993, passed the CPA exam on her first attempt, and began climbing the corporate ladder almost immediately. She recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary working at Hacienda and LaSenorita Mexican Restaurants.

I had the opportunity to interview Boetsma about her career adventures, as well as her adventures on her beloved Harley.

CB: What made you decide to go to Bethel as an adult student?

TB: As a waitress at Bob Evans, I met Debby (Church ’91) Smith, who helped me realize the importance of a college education. She actually introduced me to the Bethel Adult Education Program and is a successful Bethel graduate herself.

CB: Where did your interest in Business Finance come from?

TB: I have always excelled at math, and I believe the numbers part of the business world is what attracted me to business finance. Now I know that there is so much more to it than just numbers. It is an exciting career!

CB: How did Bethel prepare you for the workforce?

TB: Bethel helped me to realize that if you want something you can achieve it with planning and hard work. Execution of a plan is key in obtaining goals.

CB: What led you to your current job?

TB: After graduating from Bethel, I started to work for a small public accounting firm in Plymouth, Ind. After two years of traveling from South Bend to Plymouth and back five to six days a week, I applied for a staff accountant position with McGladrey & Pullen in their South Bend office. This is how I was introduced to Hacienda Mexican Restaurants as an auditor. When Hacienda’s VP of finance took a position with a different company, I was hired as her replacement.

CB: What are your current responsibilities?

TB: I was promoted last July to executive vice president, CFO. I am responsible for the oversight of our accounting and information technology departments for Hacienda and LaSenorita Mexican Restaurants. I handle not only the financial reporting and but also the aspects of insurance, leases and cash management for both concepts.

Boetsma getting ready to ride her Harley.

CB: What are your future career plans?

TB: My future career plans include doing my part to help grow HMR Acquisition Company, Inc. (dba Hacienda Mexican Restaurants and LaSenorita Mexican Restaurants) and increase its enterprise value. We have a five-year business plan that includes opening a few more restaurants, and we are always striving for ways to continuously improve our two concepts.

CB: Do you have any future personal plans?

TB: I would like to ride my motorcycle to the west coast and back before I am too old! Last year I rode my bike to central Florida and back to visit my parents and had a GREAT time! Of course, I always look forward to spending time with my family, especially my son, my two grandchildren and my husband.