If you’ve been on the Bethel website in the past 24 hours you probably noticed that it got a makeover! The changes signal the completion of the first phase of an entire overhaul for the website, with this first step focusing on the infrastructure. The revamped internal working of the site achieves the following goals:

  • Make it easier to update web page content
  • Provide support for a seamless mobile version
  • Create an intranet to provide a customized experience for faculty, staff, students, and prospective students
  • Move internal content (HR forms, for example) to the intranet and off of the public site
  • Simplify the current home page (the old page had more than 120 options to choose from)
  • Improve analytics to increase the usefulness of the web site

Because there were such significant changes to the foundation of the website it was necessary to refresh the design of the site, which is why you’ll notice a new look. The updated design is a temporary fix for the site while we begin work on phase two sometime this fall. Phase two has the following goals:

  • Use market research to refine and prioritize marketing messages and how they are presented on the website
  • Rework department home pages
  • Incorporate a new design throughout the entire site and rewrite necessary copy

Bethel students, faculty and staff can now go to My.BethelCollege.edu and login to access all the information that was previously found through the faculty and student portals. Please be patient with us as we work out the bugs – there are many areas of the site that need to be refined and we are working to get this accomplished before school begins in the fall.

To check out the new look go to BethelCollege.edu. We hope you like it!