Summer Break is the perfect time to work on large projects. And there is no short list of projects around campus this summer!

Bethel’s maintenance teams are working hard, replacing the common showers for private showers in the Oakwood/Slater Hall, renovating the Dining Commons and updating areas in the Wiekamp Athletic Center –  just to name a few.

Jody Martinez

Recently, I spoke with Bethel Athletic Director and Head Women’s Basketball Coach Jody Martinez via email about the renovations in Wiekamp.

JT: Why the renovations and what should students expect when they return?

JM: Change was necessary to update the facilities that get used by students, faculty and staff. The renovations include carpet and new furniture in the main lobby which will serve as the main and only entrance into the Wiekamp Center. Students, faculty and staff will have to check in at the receptionist area to use the facilities or visit a coach.

We are upgrading the fitness areas which will benefit everyone. The renovations also involve carpet in the classroom, hallways of the coach’s offices and three of the fitness rooms. There will also be an upgrade on fitness equipment and accessories.

Keep in mind that these renovations are to benefit the Bethel Community, not just athletics. Students, faculty and staff can expect more flexibility to work out and more area in terms of space with upgraded equipment to make their workout experience more beneficial.

JT: What has been the most difficult part of you and your staff working through this renovation?

Baseball Coach Seth Zartman painting one of the weight rooms in Wiekamp.

JM: To be honest, the whole process has been going great. The staff has been volunteering manpower and many hours since May to make these renovations a reality. We have been getting great support from administration and the physical plant staff. These projects have been a total team effort across this campus.

JT: When do you hope to be completed?

JM: Our goal is to have all the renovations completed by the time school starts on August 25th.

JT: How do you think students will respond to the new changes?

JM: I hope that not only the students, but the faculty and staff, will be excited about the changes made in the Wiekamp Athletic Center. I want our facilities to be an area where students, faculty and staff will feel comfortable in a ‘home-like’ atmosphere to socialize through exercise and/or just hanging out in the lobby to chat.