New faculty, pictured left to right: Beth Kroa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Hannah Richards, M.A., Instructor of Psychology; Corie Vanarsdale, M.S.N., Instructor of Nursing. Not pictured: Vicki DeBolt, D.O., Instructor of Biology; Penny Robinson, M.S.N., Instructor of Nursing.

Bethel College Professors Gene Carpenter, Ph.D., and Anthony Tomasino, Ph.D., recently received the 2011 Christian Book Award in the category of Bible Reference Tools for commentary written for ZIBBCOT (Zondervan Illustrated Bible Background Commentary on the Old Testament). Carpenter is a professor of Old Testament, biblical theology and Hebrew. He also serves as the director of the Master of Arts in Theological Studies/Master of Ministries programs. He wrote the commentary on Deuteronomy in Volume I of this powerful five-volume Bible reference tool. Tomasino, associate professor of Bible, Old Testament and Hebrew, wrote the commentary on Esther in Volume III.

Wipf & Stock, an imprint of Wipf & Stock Publishers, has recently released a book from Bethel’s Associate Professor of the Bible, Old Testament and Hebrew, Anthony Tomasino, Ph.D. The book is called “The World of Jesus” and is the first volume of the “Putting the Bible in Its Place” series. Other published works by Tomasino include “Judaism Before Jesus” (2001) and “Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary: Esther” (2009).

Shawn Holtgren, Ph.D. (’95, ’97), vice president for student development, recently received the Forty under 40 award in a ceremony at the Gillespie Conference Center in South Bend, Ind. Every year officials from St. Joseph and Elkhart County Chambers of Commerce, WorkOne and the Young Professionals Network choose 40 local business and professional leaders who have achieved distinguished success before the age of 40. Those who receive the award demonstrate leadership, initiative and dedication in pursuing their careers. They also invest themselves in others through involvement in civic, charitable and/or religious organizations.

Congratulations to alumni Brad Humphries (’97), vice-chair of the alumni board, Pablo Rodriguez (’99, ’02) and William Redman (attended ’89-’90) who were also named to this year’s Forty Under 40.

Robert Myers, Ph.D., dean and assistant professor of mathematics, is a contributing author for a published book by HarperOne called “Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith.” The book is an addition to Harper’s “Through the Eyes of Faith” series that includes biology, psychology and other disciplines. Myers is a co-writer of the chapter on proof and truth. The book is intended as a supplement in introductory-level mathematics courses, and discusses the various points on the integration of faith and mathematics.

Tom Marks recently celebrated 30 years of service in the maintenance department. Judy Holtgren recently retired after 17 years of service. She worked in the academic support center and also as a faculty member.

Vicky Tan Warkentien, D.M.M., assistant professor of music, received the Professor of the Year award during the 2011 commencement. A Bethel faculty member since 2005, she is brilliant, hardworking and selfless. Her students know they are valued and she cares for them in numerous ways. Born of Chinese parents, but raised in Saigon, Vietnam, Warkentien began playing the piano at the age of 5. To this day she holds a special place for the people of China in her heart. Through the Chinese Christian Church Music Institute, she teaches Chinese church music to Chinese Christians in Asian countries, as well as in Canada and the U.S. She evangelizes through music. She is skilled in piano performance, accompanying and conducting.

Dale Gadd (’01, ’03) was recognized as Professor of the Year from nontraditional studies. Recently named director of nontraditional studies, he also teaches classes in several of Bethel’s nontraditional programs. Gadd is also lauded for his high ethical and academic standards and his willingness to work tirelessly with students to achieve to their ability. Also cited is his unwavering commitment to integrate his strong faith with real world learning in the lives of his students.

Professor of Youth Ministry Terry Linhart, Ph.D., gives youth workers deep perspective and creative solutions to pressing global issues in a book recently released with colleague and co-author, David Livermore, Ph.D. Published by Zondervan, the book is called “What Can We Do? Practical Ways Your Youth Ministry Can Have a Global Conscience.”