After 65 years of Spirited Connections, Bethel has reached the age where we are now able to celebrate three generations of alumni graduates within individual families. As part of our 65th anniversary celebration, we are pleased to introduce some of them to our reading audience. We have taken a strict genealogical approach to this project and have not included spouses or additional family members who are not a part of the three-generation line.

The Krake Family (left to right): Andrea (Rodgers ’02) Gregory, Emily (Rodgers ’99) Sherwood, Barbara (Krake ’75) Rodgers and Virginia (Schultz ’49) Krake. Not pictured: Marcus Krake (’49) – deceased.

Memories Build a Legacy at Bethel

Virginia (Schultz ’49) Krake and her family recall some precious memories on Bethel’s campus.

“I was engaged here,” says Krake.

She met her husband, Marcus Krake (’48), at Bethel, who just happened to be the first and only graduate of the college in 1948, just nine months after the school opened its doors. Marcus trans-ferred from Greenville College in 1947.

Virginia also transferred in 1947 from Chicago Evangelistic Institute.

“I felt like this was what I needed to do,” says Virginia, who would later be a part of Bethel’s second graduating class of eight in 1949. The Krakes would have four children who would all attend Bethel and three who would graduate.

“We were engaged here, too,” says Virginia’s daughter, Barbara (Krake ’75) Rodgers. “He (Harold Rodgers ’74) was a commuter and we’d always meet in the library and study.”

The Rodgers would soon have two daughters, who would also graduate from Bethel.

“I got engaged in the Shiloh Prayer Chapel,” says Emily  (Rodgers ’99) Sherwood, who also married a Bethel graduate, Craig Sherwood (’98).

The Rodgers’ second daughter, Andrea (Rodgers ’02) Gregory, also married a Bethel graduate, Joshua Gregory (’01).

“Both girls had their wedding receptions here,” says Barbara.  “Andrea and Josh actually had permission to have their car down by the pond. Then they went down the steps and everybody threw the rice.”

Today Barbara says she and her husband bring the grandchil-dren to Bethel to watch sporting events and theatre productions.  These children may just be the fourth generation of graduates stemming from Bethel’s very first graduate.

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