You may have heard him on the radio announcing for one of several athletic teams in the area; or perhaps you saw him in the press box wearing a headset at a Bethel Pilots game; or maybe you read his byline in Indiana Football Digest. No matter how you’ve been introduced to him, Paul Condry is a sports fan who takes pride in his work.

The former coach and current sportscaster of more than 25 years is one of few people who goes to work every day and is honestly excited about his job.

“This is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do since I was 4 years old,” says Condry.

In addition to owning the Regional Radio Sports Network and Primetime Publications, LLC, which publishes Indiana Football Di-gest, Condry has been the voice of the Pilots for the last decade, mainly announcing for baseball and men’s and women’s basket-ball.

In that decade, Condry has seen athletes like Justin Masterson (attended ’03-’05) go from pitching for the Pilots to pitching for the Cleveland Indians; and he fondly recalls working with “great players on the women’s side” like basketball stars Natalie Young (’08) and Abby (Noll ’07) Grubbs.

“There’s been so many wonderful kids we’ve had the chance to interact with along the years,” says Condry.

It’s through this contact that Condry carries out his mission.

“[God’s] put us in a very favorable position to share our faith through the interaction with players and coaches,” he says. “What we try to do is encourage them in their walk and build them up.”

Oftentimes, that connection with teams encourages Condry.

About two years ago, Condry traveled with the men’s basketball team to the national tournament in Branson, Mo. While en route, each player wrote his son, who had recently left for the Marine Corps, a paragraph appreciating his service.

“By the time we got to Branson, there was a six-page note wish-ing my kid luck in boot camp,” says Condry. “To me, that sort of typifies the kids we get to work with at Bethel. It just typifies what I think is the Bethel mission — to serve others.”