Welcome Dr. Gregg and Tammy Chenoweth!

We wrote this blog post months ago in anticipation that one day, the final presidential candidate would visit the page and see hundreds of comments written by our students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the college. We are so excited that the day has finally come and we have the opportunity to write a personalized message to you!

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and read through the comments. You will find Bible verses, stories about Bethel, prayers and other words of encouragement. One of Bethel’s greatest strengths is the relationships – the Spirited Connections – that happen here on our campus, and this is our attempt to bring some of those connections to life for you.

We hope this will help you get to know our community a little better. We are excited to have you on campus this weekend and are praying for wisdom and guidance for you and your family!


Original blog post from February 1:

During this time of transition we know that the Bethel family – students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends of the college – are already praying for the presidential search committee to have wisdom and guidance as they make decisions about who will lead Bethel into the next phase of growth. We know you are already praying for President and Mrs. Cramer as they finish well and look forward to a new season of life. But we also would like you to join us in a special initiative to pray for the next president and his/her transition into our community.

“Prayer for the President” is designed to accomplish two goals. First, it serves as a call to corporate prayer. Matthew 18:19-20 tells us that there is power when just two or three gather together and agree in prayer

Second, we want this to serve as a very personal introduction to the Bethel community. We hope that each of the final candidates will visit this page and be greeted by hundreds of comments – encouragements, Bible verses, stories about Bethel, and much more – demonstrating that “Spirited Connections” is much more than a marketing slogan, it is a way of life on our campus. We hope they will see that we care deeply about one another and take time to encourage and pray for one another; that we have taken time to pray for our next president even before we know who s/he will be. Ultimately, we hope this will help the right candidate confirm that this is the place for his/her next step.

And so we invite YOU to join us in praying for the president! Here are ways you can participate:

1. Pray! We’ve created a list of specific prayer points that can help guide you as you pray for our next president.

2. Post a comment below. You can share a Bible verse, a prayer, an encouragement, a quote, a meaningful story about your connection to Bethel, or anything else that you think would be uplifting and would give the candidates a glimpse into the Bethel community.

3. Subscribe to the Bethel Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. Every week during the spring semester we’ll post a different theme for comments that we hope will generate some creative, helpful and fun suggestions for the next president.

4. Share this page (BethelCollege.edu/Prayer) via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with others who are connected to Bethel. Ask them to participate by praying, commenting and sharing.

Thank you for being a part of the Bethel community and for joining us in welcoming our next president!