Fifteen years ago I stepped into the alumni director position and entered a new world of relationships and experiences. It’s been a rich and memorable season of life because of you, the people I’ve been privileged to serve. Words like “fun, demanding, heart-warming, challenging, diverse, puzzling, exhausting, amusing, stretching, detail-overloaded, rewarding and grateful” all have a place in my description of what this position has been for me. I accepted the job in 1998 because I sensed God’s call and saw the opportunity to make a difference in a place I love and appreciate; and I end my Bethel career at the end of June because of God’s call.

David and I will work in partnership with One Mission Society based in Greenwood, Ind. David’s Doctor of Worship Studies has equipped him to serve as international worship consultant. I will assist him and also work with their women’s ministry, Dynamic Women in Missions. In 2012 alone, over one million people professed Jesus as Lord as a result of the mission’s various ministries. This has intensified an urgent need for training material to provide these new Christians with a proper understanding of biblical worship. As we engage with local culture, our goals are to educate on biblical worship principles; encourage incarnational creativity; enrich worship practices; and empower indigenous people movements.

This undertaking will allow us to work together while utilizing our training and lifelong experience in worship ministry. New friendships await us, and as we travel internationally, our lives will be enriched as we experience the colorful cultural diversity within the body of Christ. We are excited!

Please pray that God will give us wisdom, strength and effective ministry. I invite you to follow our journey.

Thank you for your friendship. Please continue to give, pray and participate in the life of Bethel as God blesses you with resources and energy. We need your active participation in the work that is being accomplished here on a daily basis.

So as I leave Bethel and strive to keep Christ at “my” helm, it is with mixed emotions I say, “Goodbye and God bless you!”