Kathy Gribbin, Ph.D. ’76 and Holly (Fry) Young ’97 pose for a photo in 2010

If Kathy Gribbin, Ph.D., ’76 were alive today she’d probably declare that Holly (Fry) Young ’97 is a little crazy for running a 50-mile ultra marathon. But Young would argue that she’s not crazy, she’s just highly motivated to use her love for running to honor Gribbin, her friend and mentor.

And, truth be told, Gribbin would be her most enthusiastic supporter, perhaps providing an endless supply of her famous chocolate chip cookies as a way of fueling Young’s ambition.

On Oct. 12 Young will run 50 miles to raise money for Hello Gorgeous!, an organization that gives surprise makeovers to women battling any type of cancer. Gribbin, who served as vice president for life calling and student enrichment, received a makeover from the organization a few months before she died. Young has set a goal of raising $10,000 to go towards funding Hello Gorgeous! makeovers for additional women.

“I miss my friend Kathy. Losing her in February took a lot out of me, but I needed to do something with this grief,” says Young. “Running helps me. Challenging myself to run further than I ever have before – to help an organization that blessed Kathy – makes me feel very alive.”

For more information and to contribute to Young’s goal, visit her fundraising website.