On October 30 Assistant Professor of Biology Katie W.* presented the bold truths of the Christian faith to the community of Bethel College during chapel. The impact of her words and the movement of the Holy Spirit inspired several students to kneel before the altar in praise and repentance. The service lasted nearly two hours longer than the anticipated fifty minutes.

As Katie prepared to speak she focused on being intentional with her message, knowing that this would be the last time she would address the student body as a faculty member. She will leave Bethel at the end of December to devote her life to service in another country.

“God has done a huge work in my life. While being here at Bethel, I’ve learned the ins and outs of academia, how to be more of a professional and most importantly, I’ve learned how to love other people well. I am constantly seeking opportunities to connect with others,” says Katie.

As the opportunity to connect with the entire campus presented itself, Katie spent long hours and many months prior praying about what exactly to discuss. Feeling confident about what she had heard, Katie emphasized five reasons why students should surrender everything to Christ: He is Creator, He is the Good Shepherd, He is the Lamb of God who was slain, He is the Resurrection and the Life and He is Holy.

Speaking only by memory, Katie stood before the student body and boldly proclaimed who God is with passion and authority. She delivered a message that ushered in such a movement of the Holy Spirit that many people were brought to their knees.

“That was all God. He orchestrated that,” says Katie.

President Gregg Chenoweth, Ph.D., attended the service and was encouraged by the students’ response. “There were so many students at the altar, they had to sit on the floor up every aisle,” he says.

Chenoweth’s hope is that the response to this chapel will become a reoccurring phenomenon, as professors, faculty and staff create an environment that ushers in the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of students.

“We can’t make the wind blow, but we can hang a sail,” says Chenoweth. “We can control our preparation, even while God controls the outcome.”

Just as Katie has been intentional about creating connections, Bethel will be intentional about creating conditions for revival on campus, living in expectation that God will use Bethel to move mightily across our region and expand our influence.

Though she will be missed, Bethel students are thankful for Katie’s impact as a professor and mentor and look forward to hearing about her impact for Christ in the world.

*Last name not mentioned to protect this professor who will be serving overseas.