The new Bethel College athletic marks are the culmination of a two year process that included input from more than 65 alumni, students, faculty, staff and administrators. Designed by Rickabaugh Graphics, these marks will strengthen the recognition of Bethel’s athletic program and provide a consistent identity for teams.

Athletics’ new identity visually links the Bethel Pilots with the image of a nautical pilot for the first time.While the name was originally selected in 1959 for its spiritual reference — the Lord is our Pilot and we are his co-pilots — Bethel student-athletes share many attributes with their namesake.

Pilots are the most highly trained mariners in the world — the elite of their profession. Only the best make the cut. This centuries-old profession has the critical responsibility for guiding ships from open sea into port, navigating through waters of various depths, widths and currents. This highest level of ship handling requires the expertise to make careful maneuvers and the wisdom to react to ever-changing conditions — situations that will test pilots’ knowledge and challenge their abilities to make sound decisions.

Skills are honed in the classroom and enhanced through hands-on training. Pilots must be ready to act at a moment’s notice. Entrusted to protect the public, property and the environment, they put duty above their own safety. They carry with them a legacy of skill, dedication and mariner community service.

Similarly, the Bethel Pilots are one of the nation’s most elite small athletic programs, committed to the highest standards in academics, athletics and service.

Just as the sea is a training ground for marine pilots, the playing field is a training ground for academically and athletically talented young men and women to build character, to prepare to navigate life’s challenges and to chart their direction in life.

The knowledge and skills Pilots attain at Bethel are just the beginning. Pilot student-athletes are starting on a lifelong journey during which they will use judgment, wisdom and faith to find their way in challenging times. They will build upon lessons learned here to map their futures.

Pilots are missionaries, best-selling authors, high school and collegiate coaches, corporate presidents and CEOs, professional athletes, attorneys, physicians and nonprofit leaders. They, too, carry the Pilot legacy of knowledge, dedication and Christian service.For more information, visit