The five vice presidents that make up the Bethel College Cabinet function as the advisory board for the president. Each oversees a specific area of the college, including undergraduate academics, student development, institutional advancement, finance, and adult and graduate  programs. They meet weekly to discuss issues and make decisions that impact the college. We asked each to consider how new leadership at  the top will impact Bethel’s future, and how their specific areas will support our new president’s aspiration to make Bethel a top-five Wesleyan college in the United States.

What are you most excited about concerning Bethel’s future?
“Bethel’s future is bright and promising. I am excited about the opportunity to influence the next generation of college students through innovative, Christ-centered learning both inside and outside the classroom so that they are equipped to effectively respond to the challenges and needs of our rapidly changing world.” — Shawn Holtgren, Ph.D., ’95, vice president for student development

What are Bethel’s top strengths, and how will we build on that strong foundation moving forward?
“Bethel has dedicated faculty and staff. They are involved in the lives of the students and model Christ-likeness. We need to continue to protect our hiring practices and give opportunity for further development of our faculty and staff.” — Barb Bellefeuille, Ph.D., vice president for academic services

How do you see your area supporting the president’s grand aspiration for Bethel College?
“Finances are a very critical area in achieving Dr. Chenoweth’s grand aspiration. While the success of the plan does not hinge on finances alone, it is a large part of it. Allocating enough resources at various times along the path will be crucial to success. It is going to take planning, wisdom, discernment and a lot of prayer to get it right, so my department needs to be prepared to do what it takes to help in making good decisions.”
Clair Knapp, C.P.A., vice president for financial affairs and chief fiscal officer on Bethel’s New Leadership

How will your area work to influence more students?
“In my particular area, we are supporting the grand aspiration through a plan for intentional and strategic growth. As Dr. Chenoweth has said many times, we cannot influence students we don’t have. In the adult and graduate studies area we are going to be very intentional in ensuring growth so that we have the opportunity to influence more students positively. This will be manifested in new programs, different modalities, more assertive recruiting and unbelievable customer service.” — Toni Steffensen Pauls, Ph.D., vice president for adult and graduate programs

What is the most important thing alumni should know about where Bethel is headed?
“One of my greatest blessings in my time at Bethel has been celebrating with the anniversary classes who return to lead the commencement exercises. They all remark on how much the campus has expanded and how beautiful it is. I have never heard one alum say, “I never had that opportunity when I was here.” They are simply excited to see what is happening today for the current students. Those alums have helped pave the way for today’s students. A central focus for alumni is the Helm. Christ is at the Helm. As each generation gives back and supports those who follow in their footsteps, they should know Christ is and always will be at the Helm. That core focus will not waiver.” — Terry Zeitlow, Ph.D., vice president for institutional advancement