Covaciu works on rigging during the SILV workshop.

Last summer, Ivy Covaciu, a senior theatre major with an emphasis in technical design, flew to Las Vegas, Nev., to be a part of a Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas (SILV) workshop. This program exposes students to an advanced level of technology and professional workmanship. SILV also scouts students for future job opportunities.

In theater productions such as Cirque Du Soleil, performers often launch themselves off of platforms to soar into the air in a move that looks like flying. In awe of the performance, the audience often overlooks the meticulous workmanship that is required for such a gravity-defying stunt. But what goes on behind the scenes comes second nature to Covaciu.

In fact, Covaciu created a rigging system used in the Bethel theater production, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” that provided an entire forest of fabric panels and enhanced an essential scene in the show. She entered the system into the Ally Technical Design Competition at the Kennedy Center American College theatre festival, which led to her opportunity with SILV.

At the SILV workshop, Covaciu was inspired by the experience with and exposure to so many talented individuals. “They were the best of the best! It rejuvenated me and reminded me that it is possible to create something spectacular.”

Covaciu was excited to discover, through her time at SILV, that Bethel had provided her the education, skill and talent to pursue her passion. What she learned in her course work prepared her well for the challenges of technical theatre at a professional level.

“After being there only a week, they made me feel like I could really do this. It was very humbling. This is not a dream that is so far out of reach,” she says.

During the workshop, Covaciu was awarded student of the week and was one of 12 students given the Prix d’Or Award, an invitation to join the production company as a team member.

Taking her passion for theater and her Bethel foundation with her, Covaciu is fully prepared to enter the next stage of life. In fact, this summer she’s been invited to serve as an intern for SILV 2014.