President Chenoweth Appears on “The Harvest Show”
President Gregg A. Chenoweth, Ph.D., was interviewed on the Feb. 3, 2014, episode of “The Harvest Show,” an internationally syndicated daily television program with 46 million viewers. Chenoweth discussed how Bethel is addressing the current challenges facing higher education and how Bethel is impacting lives for the kingdom. View the episode at

Helmuth Promoted to Assistant Vice President
Andrea Helmuth ’95 has been promoted from director of admission to assistant vice president of traditional admission and financial aid. She is now responsible for directing the college recruitment efforts for traditional-aged college students and providing oversight for the student financial aid office. “Andrea has proven to be a valuable, competent leader on our campus and we are excited to welcome her to this new position,” says Terry Zeitlow, Ph.D., vice president for institutional advancement.

Tomasino Releases Commentary on the Book of Esther
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies Tony Tomasino, Ph.D., recently released his fifth book, an exegetical commentary on the book of Esther. The commentary is part of the “Evangelical Exegetical Commentary” series, a new, 44-volume commentary series that incorporates the latest critical biblical scholarship and is written from a distinctly evangelical perspective.

According to the publishers, this commentary series is “the next standard commentary on the entire Bible for evangelicals.” Contributors include such well-known scholars as Eugene Merrill, John Oswalt, Ronald Youngblood, Walter C. Kaiser Jr., and Gene Carpenter, Ph.D., former professor of Old Testament at Bethel.

The commentary is now available in electronic format on the Logos Bible Study platform and a print version is planned for the future.

Zeitlow Presents at Stewardship Summit
Terry Zeitlow, Ph.D., vice president for institutional advancement, spoke at the Stewardship Summit in Portand, Ore., an event where church and para-church leaders come together to discuss research, training, teaching and learning in the field of holistic stewardship. Zeitlow presented on the topic of “Pastoral Preaching on Financially Related Topics, an Evangelical Perspective.”

Meister’s Book Receives Praise in Choice Review
Professor of Philosophy Chad Meister, Ph.D., received high praise for his latest book, “The Routledge Companion to Modern Christian Thought,” from Choice, the premiere reviewing organization for worldwide academic libraries. “In 72 short essays, this book offers a comprehensive, authoritative overview of key figures and developments in Christian thought since the Enlightenment,” says the Choice review. “This volume will be especially valuable for graduate students, scholars in religious studies and theology, and perhaps members of the clergy. Highly recommended.”

Bethel Students Excavate a Biblical Site in Jordan and Discover an Ancient Seal
Jeffrey Hudon, adjunct professor in biblical studies, and Bethel students Elizabeth Emswiler ’16, Shoshana Hudon ’14 and Rebekah Hudon ’16 traveled to Jordan last summer, joining students from several other colleges and universities in an archaeological excavation at the biblical city of Heshbon. Perhaps the most exciting find was an ancient seal discovered by Rebekah Hudon. Dating to the time of Jeremiah and depicting an ibex with its kid, the seal was possibly used by an official residing at Heshbon. Seals are mentioned several times in the Bible and were generally used as amulets, as a mark of ownership to verify transactions as well as to seal documents.

Structure and Staffing Changes in Adult and Graduate Studies
Bethel’s adult and graduate studies (AGS) programs have merged into one division, under the leadership of Toni Steffensen Pauls, Ph.D., vice president of adult and graduate studies. A number of staffing additions and changes reflect the new structure, designed to create synergy and better efficiency in the areas of marketing, recruiting and operations.

Program directors will now lead each AGS academic area. Robert Brandt, Ph.D., assistant professor of youth ministry, will now also serve as director of ministry programs. Dale Gadd, Ph.D., has transitioned from director of adult programs to director of general studies for AGS. Kristina Cerling ’96, former director of curriculum and instruction at the Crossing Educational Center, will now serve as director of education programs. Chris Nowak, former director of the office of alcohol and drug education at the University of Notre Dame, is now the director of human services programs. A search is underway for program directors for business and health care.

Two staff members have also shifted positions as a result of the Lilly Grant (see p. 9). James Lovaas is now director of customized training and Steve Ganger is director of prior learning assessment and career services. Previously, four staff members shared responsibilities for both enrollment and advising, but those positions have changed to allow staff to focus solely on one area or the other. Sandra Lesko, James Swartz and Kimberly Miller are full-time enrollment counselors and Ron Drake and Yvonne McKinnon are full-time advisors.