Eighteen-year-old Kimmi New is the newest and first addition of the inaugural 2CU (Two Campuses, One Focus: You) program at Bethel. The program, an innovative partnership between Bethel and Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana in South Bend, allows students to pursue a Christian education at a fraction of the cost.

Kimmi’s path to Bethel wasn’t necessarily a straight one, but it was God inspired.

A native of Three Rivers, Mich., Kimmi always felt God calling her to Bethel. She applied and was accepted for the fall 2013 semester, but financial circumstances made it impossible for her to attend. She opted to commute to a local community college instead.

“It just didn’t feel like I was enrolled in college my first semester,” says Kimmi of her semester commuting to and from school.

Still feeling led to Bethel, Kimmi called the admission office last fall to inquire about scholarship possibilities. The call ended up being a divine encounter.

“They said they were thinking about introducing this program (2CU), and if they got some students, they would launch it,” she recalls.

During the internal GREATer launch on campus, Vice President for Academic Services Barb Bellefeuille introduces Kimmi as the first 2CU student.

So after discovering that she qualified for the program, Kimmi thought and prayed about it. By January 2014, Kimmi was not only a Bethel student, but the first student to be enrolled in the 2CU program.

As a 2CU student, Kimmi lives on Bethel’s campus, and is considered a Bethel student. But she will take 12 credit hours (currently two math classes, an English class and a computer class) at Ivy Tech each semester, along with four credit hours at Bethel (a religion and philosophy course and a tutorial in Christian worldview). Once she completes her associate degree at Ivy Tech, Kimmi will stay at Bethel full time to complete her bachelor’s degree in psychology, which she looks forward to studying from a Christian perspective.

Kimmi has found her time at Bethel to be a much better fit for what she desired from a college experience. “I’m much happier. I enjoy my time on campus. I’m getting the Christian college experience I wanted. I like it a lot better!”

Kimmi’s mom, Michelle New, agrees. “She’s such a happier person, and her relationship with God is better now,” says Michelle, adding that the program has also been a great financial help to the family.

Kimmi always knew she was called to attend Bethel, and 2CU made it possible.

“I’m so thankful for the program,” says Kimmi. “Just being here this small amount of time, seeing how God worked this out for me … has already strengthened my relationship with Him.”

Now Kimmi can help others, says Michelle of her daughter. “This is what she needed, and I’m happy because she’s happy,” she says. “I finally have my daughter back now. At Bethel she’s home.”

After graduating from Bethel, Kimmi plans to pursue a master’s degree in psychology in order to work in a rehab facility with drug and alcohol patients.

For more information about the 2CU program, visit BethelCollege.edu/2CU.