Jenny (Dyer) McGee ’99

Jenny (Dyer) McGee ’99

When Jenny (Dyer) McGee ’99 graduated with a degree in literature and language, she never imagined that, one day, she’d be running an international business.

She set out to do mission work in East Asia and had a heart for women who were victims of trafficking. McGee envisioned Bible studies and one-on-one ministry with these women but soon discovered they could not build a new life without something extremely practical – a new way to earn a living.

So, she set out to provide them with jobs.

McGee now runs The Starfish Project, a combination non-profit organization and business venture. She’s had many challenges along the way but has approached them with a sense of purpose, knowing that every obstacle she overcomes will pave the way for more women to be rescued.

“Sometimes I see Christians get hung up on obstacles, thinking they must have heard God wrong,” she says. “But opposition doesn’t mean that we aren’t in God’s will. Sometimes we fear failure too much and it keeps us from stepping out in faith.”

McGee’s faith has led her to reach out for mentors in areas where she is not experienced, resulting in significant business connections. These mentoring relationships recently opened the door for McGee to travel to New York City and meet with buyers from major retailers, with the potential of Starfish jewelry being sold in their stores.

This possibility is exhilarating, but brings with it the daunting challenge of increasing operations to meet demand. But just like every other obstacle, McGee presses forward with excitement, spurred by the vision of being able to rescue even more women.

Want to help? You can give toward a CrowdRise Campaign that will help with the organization’s expansion, visit their website to purchase jewelry, or become an advocate of hope for the Starfish Project.