walk.bethel.42.743x380Collin SmithEditor’s note: Senior Collin Smith shares, in his own words, how a campus visit led him to Bethel College. Now, the communication major serves as a campus tour guide, leading even more students to a college decision.

Almost every college student has gone through the process of touring a college campus. A campus tour gives the prospective student the ability to feel like a college student for a day. They get the chance to sit in on a class, eat lunch in the dining commons, meet with a professor, and explore the hangout spots on campus. For me, touring Bethel made me realize that I was home. The friendliness of the students and staff passing by cheering “Come to Bethel!” and “You’ll love it here!” convinced me that I would, indeed, love this place. Getting the chance to chat with current students about the Christian culture at Bethel reassured me that attending a Christian college was exactly what I wanted.

This story not only provides an illustration as to why I came to Bethel but also why I became a Bethel campus guide. As a tour guide for the past three years, I have had the privilege of showing off Bethel’s beautiful campus to students and families. Beginning in Sufficient Grounds and ending in the Everest-Rohrer building for chapel allows me to showcase Bethel’s many wonderful features. I have the opportunity to illustrate my own view of campus as I show perspective students the Dining Commons, Oakwood Hall, the library, and many other stops on our tour. Along the way, I get to share some of my favorite memories from all over campus, like the great times I had in the freshman residence hall getting to know everyone. Passing through the Weikamp Athletic Center allows me to tell about the fun we have as Bethel students cheering on the volleyball and basketball teams. Sharing the personal stories about my time at Bethel helps students envision themselves in my shoes, as a Bethel student who is furthering his or her education and spiritual life.

I especially enjoy talking about how my professors and classmates have helped change my life in almost every aspect, most importantly my spiritual life. Whether it was from a great message in chapel, an encouraging word from a friend, or an impactful conversation in a dorm Bible study, the Bethel community has definitely helped strengthen my walk with God.

Almost four years ago, I made the best decision of my life to become a Bethel Pilot in a town called Mishawaka. Now, I have the incredible opportunity to share what Bethel has given to me: lifelong friendships, a great education and a firm foundation in God’s word. I would encourage high school students not only to look into furthering their education at Bethel, but also come check it out on a campus visit. Hearing stories about how Bethel has changed each of our lives (as students and campus guides) may also lead you to make the best decision of your life!

Summer is a beautiful time to visit campus. You can schedule your individual or group visit today at BethelCollege.edu/Visit, or by calling our Admission Office toll-free at 800.422.4101.