Michaela Behrens ’19

Michaela Behrens ’19

Bethel Major: Nursing B.S.N.

Why did you choose Bethel College?

I had heard through family friends how great Bethel was and what a wonderful nursing program they have. I came to visit and the close-knit and loving community at Bethel was very noticeable. Everyone was so welcoming and it was fun and enjoyable. I chose Bethel because I knew that not only would I receive a high-quality education but I also would be challenged in my faith, encouraged by others and accepted into a new family away from home. Coming to Bethel has definitely been one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

What have been some of your highlights in the Bethel Nursing Department?

My first clinical rotation was in a nursing home during my sophomore year. My group of eight girls and Professor Becker became a close-knit family. After our days in the nursing home we would spend our post-conference time laughing at all the funny moments and enjoyable patients we had and we would also cry at the things that touched us most. I never knew how much my clinical group would mean to me and how much they would support me. I think the fact that Bethel starts clinicals in the sophomore year is a huge bonus and greatly impacts our education. I was so surprised at how much my patients impacted me. One of my greatest memories was of a sweet, 93-year-old woman I was taking care of. She used to be a nurse and would tell me how great of a job I was doing and how I would be a great nurse. She encouraged me so much and gave me a ton of confidence.

In what ways have you been mentored by faculty?

The nursing faculty at Bethel are truly incredible. My advisor, Professor Becker, has played a huge role in mentoring and encouraging me through my college experience. He, along with my other professors, listens to issues I may be having, prays with me, gives advice and encourages me. The faculty at Bethel want their students to succeed and thrive in college and in life after graduation. They have meaningful relationships with each of their students and they make sure you are keeping up with your work and that you are doing well spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Share a fun experience you’ve had while at Bethel.

I’ve met so many people through participating in dorm and campus events. I love the meaningful relationships I’ve built while at Bethel and I know that these relationships will last a lifetime. I’ve enjoyed taking part in fun Bethel traditions such as Ambush (campus-wide game of tag with squirt guns), Midnight Breakfast (breakfast is served to students by faculty and staff at midnight the Friday before finals week) and Scripture 66 (over three days, students, faculty and staff read the entire Bible out loud)!

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