Since 1947, Bethel University has been faithfully committed to its mission to transform communities through Christ-centered graduates. With Christ at the helm, this mission has been successful. Today, more than 23,000 alumni occupy 49 states and 65 world areas.

Looking toward the future, Bethel remains focused on bringing hope to a new generation. However, predictive data shows that this new generation includes fewer students born in 2008, which will impact college enrollment by 2026. Changing attitudes toward religion, an increased need for emotional support and a larger proportion of students of color.

In response to these anticipated challenges, Bethel University launched the $6.5 million Faithful Campaign in 2022, in support of its people, purpose and place.

The Faithful Campaign uses the analogy of a tree to help visualize this concept. The roots represent Bethel’s purpose and mission, which will grow stronger as they are nurtured. Branches represent its faculty and staff, who need to be cared for and well-staffed to support the new generation of students, who are represented by the leaves. The bark represents the campus, which needs upkeep and maintenance to remain healthy.

The Faithful Campaign outlines a strengthening strategy and tenacious solution to accomplish this goal. So far, $3.8 million has been raised.



Faculty and staff are like branches, and students are like leaves. We will care for them by enhancing their spaces and attracting and retaining a more diverse population.


Just as the roots of a tree nourish it and give it stability, we will “feed” our roots by remaining unquestionably Christ-centered. Bethel will strengthen our relationship with the Missionary Church as well as other Christian churches in Michiana.


The bark of a tree is often touched first! It also reflects the health of a tree. Bethel’s facilities are like bark. To improve and maintain our park-like campus, we will upgrade select student facilities to compete well in attracting and retaining students.

The TENACIOUS Solution

• Increase tuition income through enrollment
• Increase Missionary Church student population
• Increase Bethel’s diverse student population
• Retain more students through increased community care and upgrading student spaces
• Increase the adult and graduate studies population
• Add new or revise existing programs (create partnerships)
• Invest in marketing to focus and strengthen recruitment
• Attract and retain quality, missional faculty and staff (prioritizing diversity)

Faithful at a Glance

$1.5 Million Investment in PEOPLE and PURPOSE

  • 3-year investment in marketing
  • 3-year investment in campus spiritual leadership
  • 3-year investment in intercultural engagement
  • 3-year investment in new or upgraded academic programs

$5 Million Investment in our PLACE

Needs within this area may include:

  • Renovations of Shupe and Oakwood, freshmen women’s and men’s residence halls: repairing and modernizing these historic buildings while continuing to provide traditional, welcoming spaces for lifelong friendships to grow and flourish.
  • Attending to delayed maintenance: new HVAC system in Miller-Moore Academic Center, roof and window repair in Huffman Administration Building.
  • Road Improvements: resurfacing roads around campus; repairing access to Lehman Family Training Center.


We invite you to join the Faithful campaign to help Bethel thrive for future generations! Learn more at, and contact Brent LaVigne, Ph.D., vice president for institutional advancement, at or 574.807.7120 with any questions.